We mine using only hand tools. First we use pick & shovel and then we screen the material with large steel sieves.

We then hand select the Feldspar from the rock and put it into drums.

At the days end the drums are gently tumbled to remove excess dirt. The material is then briefly washed and sorted in the sun to select out the occasional pieces of Lattice Sunstone from the other feldspars.

The waste soil from digging is banked for repatriation to where it came from once digging is completed.



We spend a lot of our time grading and preparing the rough.

It is a difficult material to work with and has a lot of cracks which makes it very hard to find any sizeable clean pieces. This means that there are very very few large clean stones available, which makes them especially rare and valuable.

We individually prepared all Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, Lunlite and Sunstone, separating the higher grade pieces for individual lapidary finishing into specimens and cabochons. 

The result is a range of finished pieces that each have their own individual qualities.

The remaining material is tumbled in our workshops in Australia.

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