Asterism Gems, the license holder of the Rainbow Lattice mine, is owned by Darren and Mike, two gemologists with backgrounds in geology, who are passionate about their craft and the environment.

Darren Arthur is a veteran of the gemstone and mineral business with over 45 years experience in lapidary. 

Darren has run his own gem wholesale and lapidary business in Australia for over 30 years. During this time he has made many interesting discoveries of interesting new gemstone materials in the Australian outback. These include Rainbow Lattice (AKA Rainbow Lattice Sunstone), Star Garnet, Prase Opal and Evergreen Opal.

Darren's love of rocks keeps him hunting down unique treasures in hard to find places.

Mick has been a cutter and miner of gems since he was a child and is a third generation rockhound in his family. His passion for unique gemstones and minerals was the path on which he met Darren and the path that keeps him constantly on the hunt for great new material.

Together, Darren and Mick bring you what they think is one of the most amazing natural materials on the planet; Rainbow Lattice Sunstone, a Feldspar that is Moonstone, Sunstone and has an amazing rainbow lattice pattern all in one stone.